Slide For Recovery - Annual Healing Humanity Project Event

Our mission includes extended care and support through every phase in recovery.

Our Mission to foster long term recovery by expanding treatment capacity and state-of-the-science addiction treatment and healing for Coloradans is witnessed through our events. Thousands saved over 15 years. We must continue the fight. Events like this help our clients, our community, those in recovery and friends and family get together to see how fun a day in the new life of recovery can be! 

125 ft Slip n Slide | Inflatable Pools | DJ Sober | Music - Amazing Food -

So Much Fun | Soak in the the sun and enjoy the day or just come by to take a ride in recovery!

11am - 4:30pm | 250. E Orchard Rd, Centennial CO 80121

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A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Addiction Recovery Model

Mission: Residential Treatment Center To save lives by healing the "mind-body-spirit" through an innovative and comprehensive recovery program for clients suffering with addiction, co-occurring mental health disorders and attachment.

Sober Homes



To provide safe affordable housing for adults recovering from substance abuse; to create a Clean & Sober environment that teaches necessary life skills and to foster long-term sobriety by offering comprehensive support, supplemental care and services. 

Clean & Sober Olympics


Mission: To strengthen and support addiction recovery by collaborating, developing and expanding three core principles: Education, Service, Health & Wellness. In doing so, we provide additional resources and leadership to fight Addiction A National Emergency. We champion long-term recovery, foster self discovery, broaden prevention education, advance strategic partnership, increase treatment capacity, help save lives and heal our families..

Nonprofit Collaboration Healing Coloradans

Our collaboration model to treat and heal Coloradans suffering from Substance Use Disorder and Mental Illness reaches the highest success rates in Colorado. Help us continue our mission to provide treatment and support through every phase in the recovery process. 


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